God Is Here

June 4, 2020

We are certainly in trying times.  COVID-19 has driven us away from each other, our country is being torn apart and to top it off there is a named storm in the Gulf of Mexico that has potential to to come ashore as a hurricane.  The next few days and possibly weeks will certainly be stressful.

Words such as why, how, what if, how long, why can’t, where is begin most of our sentences.  Much of the news is centered around the terrible things that are occurring in our cities and towns across America.  There are a handful of stories sprinkled around to break the monotony of the day but we are are lead to believe that there is almost no good left in our world.

But I refuse to believe that.  There are wonderful, loveing people who want the world they live in to be a better place.  They work really hard to be a blessing instead of a detriment.  They aren’t perfect but they are trying.  Their first thought is not about themselves but about those around them.  Teachers who adapted to remote teaching and helped their students make it through the rest of the school year.  First responders who are putting the safety of the public they serve before theirs.  Volunteers cleaning up city streets after a night of destruction only to do it again the next night.  Neighbors helping neighbors.

God is here.  He never left.  He loves us.  ALL of us.  He has no favorites.  As believers we are to set the example.  We are to love one another as God has loved us so that everyone will know that we are his disciples.  It isn’t easy to live this way.  We get frustrated and angry.  We struggle under the weight of a broken world.  Please hold onto your faith.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and continue to love.  Continue to serve.  Continue to give it all to God and follow his lead.

I pray for our country, our leaders, for those trying to make the world better and those who are not.  I pray for God to give us strength to keep serving, courage to face our fears, knowledge to know when to speak and the wisdom to know when to listen.  

I challenge all of us to continue to serve one another in love.

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