What is Holding You Back

September 14, 2020

What gets in the way of you spending time with God?  

Are you a single parent just trying to get by? You are working hard to keep your family fed and sheltered. Spending most of your waking hours either working or shuttling your children from one place to another. When you aren’t doing that you are cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, etc. You can’t afford time for yourself, let alone God!

Are you a young adult who is fresh out of college and starting your career? You are learning the ins and outs of the organization. Working long hours to try and get ahead looking for any opportunity to get face time with the boss. You spend every waking moment trying to earn more, get more, or be more than you are today. You can’t afford time for yourself, let alone God!

Are you late in your career and trying to stay relevant? Are you looking into new career paths and working long hours to prove your worth? You take on projects that you don’t normally get involved in just to prove you still have what it takes to succeed. You spend every waking hour looking for ways to stay in the game. You can’t afford time for yourself, let alone God!

Are you retired and looking for ways to spend your time? Are you looking for volunteer opportunities or watching the grand kids. You traveling the country to see those sites you worked so hard during your career to get too. You spend every waking hour trying to check off items on your bucket list before you get where you can’t anymore. You can’t afford time for yourself, let alone God!

Are you looking for work after being laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic? You lost your entire livelihood and you are down to your last two months of savings or you’ve already exhausted what little savings you had. Jobs are hard to come by and you seem to be getting turned away at every possibility. You search high and low on the internet and in the papers looking for opportunities to apply for work. You spend every waking hour tweaking your resume’ to the knowledge, skills, and abilities that your industry is looking for and sending it out. You can’t afford time for yourself, let alone God!

Are you comfortable in your life? Your job is paying the bills, Your family is healthy and happy. Even the family pet is content! You have no problems in any facet of your life. You don’t take time for yourself, let alone God!

No matter if your life is good or falling apart around you, you can not afford NOT to spend time with God! We need God in our lives.  Our frustrations are high, our tolerance is low, and our outlook on the future is bleak.

We are looking for love, peace, hope, grace, comfort, strength and joy in all the wrong places.  We are looking for all of these in flawed human beings.

But God is where you find love. God is where you find comfort. God is where you find grace. God is where you find hope. God is where you find peace. God is where you find joy. God is where you find strength. God is where you find yourself!

When you spend time with God you begin to understand that your worth to Him cannot be measured!  He loves you more than you can imagine and is waiting on you to let him work in your life.

When you do, he will give you the strength and direction you need to not only survive the storm you find yourself in now, but any storm that will come your way in the future.  When you let him in, you find hope that cannot be described and peace you cannot comprehend.

When your world is falling apart, God is catching the pieces and putting them back together. But he doesn’t just put them back like they were.  He puts you together better than you were before.  He uses the mess your are in and creates beauty unlike anything you were ever expecting.

For me he took a couple of dark times in my life, times that broke me, and put me back together a bit better than I was.  I became more patient, more appreciative of what I have, and less judgmental of others.  These are just some of the ways he made me better.  

I still struggle with all of them.  I still have bouts of impatience.  I still find myself wanting more and better stuff.  And I continue to be judgmental. But each time is slip, God goes to work on me.  He shaves off more rough edges molding me into a better person.  

He will do the same for you.

By making me better and making you better, He is making the world better. A world with more joy, peace, and hope!

It starts with you.  It starts with you handing your troubles over to him though prayer and letting him work on you.  Do it now.  Don’t wait!  Run to the comfort of God!

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